A Japanese artist / activist is active around the world.

She has been inspired by activists and researchers such as Martin Luther King 

and Jane Goodall which makes her work cross beyond the border of art.

From an artist's point of view,

she has been thinking about “the power of art and it's possibilities”

and “the role of art within society”

This passion comes from her strong feeling of wanting to 

“Make art that tell people - the world - the heart of the people - the world -

which is somewhat similar to how Picaso painted “Guernica (1937)” as a protest against war.



In the midst of the Philippine Presidential Election, she painted a poster of Rodrigo Duterte

(now president of the Philippines)to fight against the black propaganda in the Philippines,

which was widespread across the country at that time.

Since then, she has been participating in social activities such as charity events.



She established a project of turning her painting into 3D, for people that are visually impaired.

The presidential palace of Philippine invited visually impaired students from local school

and Ayumi unveiled her new work with them.

This artwork has been donated, and is now exhibited at the Malacanang Palace.



She started a new project called “DOGEN”

The concept of this project is the “fusion” between a painter that expresses feelings 

through visual images, and a dancer that expresses through his or her body.

The interference and repulsion of the two means

“To express the movement of the heart(emotion)”, which also means to “free” the heart.

We beilive that there are “emotions” that will be saved by art.


She made guerilla creations as “the world tour of DOGEN”

in Jamaica, New York, Paris, London etc. and held solo exhibitions in Dublin and Doha.
In Doha which is the capital of the city of Qatar,

she collaborated the art work with the autistic children and endowed it to Shafallar Center.
When His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al

Amir of the State of Qatar paid an Official Visit to Japan in 2019,

she endowed him her art work which is included her heart of the hope for peace

and also graced the development of the friendly relations between Japan and the State of Qatar.



“Art becomes one language that transcends language barriers”


This is what she has been embodied through her works, and therefore would transcend 

many of the “walls” such as race, religion, age and body, using the medium of art.


- Selected Exhibition and Works -


Solo Exhibition -AYUMI EXHIBITION- Gallery yasashii yokan Tokyo,JAPAN

Group Exhibition -Colors- HILLSIDE TERRACE, Tokyo, JAPAN



Live Painting -WINDOWZ- Hankyu Department Store, Osaka, JAPAN

Solo Exhibition -AYUMI EXHIBITION 2009- Gallery yasashii yokan, Tokyo,JAPAN



Live Painting -The Lo-Fi Live- Fringe Club, HONG KONG

Group Exhibition -Chips- Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, Yokohama,JAPAN



Invited Exhibition -HAND MADE KOREA- Coex Hall, KOREA

Live Painting -SUMMER SONIC 2011- Osaka,JAPAN

Live Painting -DOUTCH DESIGN WEEK- Eindhoven,HOLLAND



Appear as a painter in an adidas CM/ADV with Eason Chan -adidas originals-,, CHAINA

Live Painting -Namie Amuro 20 anniversary New albam“Uncontrolled”- Tokyo, JAPAN

Mural (Shop Design) -Patisserie JOKER- Osaka, JAPAN 

Graphic Design & Staind Glass -NHK Red&White Singing Festival- JAPAN



Mural  -Lialy Inn-  Cairo,EGYPT

Live Painting -SUMMER SONIC 2013- Osaka, JAPAN



Sign Painting  -Tokyo Retro-  London, UK

Live Painting  -JRA Takarazuka Kinen- Osaka Station, JAPAN

Live Painting  -Momoiro Yakai- GRAND FRONT OSAKA, Osaka, JAPAN



Train Painting   -World Cultural Heritage“Train Cemetery”-  Uyuni, BOLIVIA

Solo Exhibition  -AYUMI EXHIBITION 2015- Osaka & Tokyo, JAPAN 

Live Painting  -MEGA CEBU- University of San Carlos & San Jose, Cebu, PHILIPPINES

Street Light Painting  -Red Bull Ignituon 2015- Osaka, JAPAN 

Live Painting  -Ran Gei Sai- Kyoto Saga University of Arts, Kyoto, JAPAN



Mural -Trattoria ALBERO- Osaka, JAPAN

Graphic Design (Campaign poster)  -Rodrigo Duterte 1.2.3-  PHILIPPINES 

Graphic Design  - KANSAI COLLECTION 2016 AW- Kyocera Dome, JAPAN

Live painting&Exhibition -KADAYAWAN- Ateneo de Davao, Museo Dabawenyo, PHILLIPINES

Solo Exhibition -8th Anniversary-  Gallery 1616  Osaka, JAPAN

Inviteed/Gift  Presidential Palace,Prime Minister's Official Residence, PHILLIPINES/JAPAN



Pazzle Painting/Appear in a Dickies MV   “Live the moment”   JAPAN

Graphic Design  -EKI COLLECTION 2016-  JR Kyoto, JAPAN

3D ART PROJECT “TOUCH and SEE”  -Presidential Museum and Library-  PHILIPPINES

Hand Lettering ART  -MONT BLANC-  JAPAN

Mural    “  f a i r n e s s ” - EMURGO HK -  HONG KONG


- 2018 -


Exhibition 「DOGEN」 CHQ Dublin, IRLAND

CD Design   “ identity ” MINMI    JAPAN

Exhibition “I want to keep humanity as something beautiful” KATARA Doha, QATAR

WORK SHOP「DOGEN」with autistic children, Shafallar Center, QATAR

Lecture / Work shop  「AYUMI ENDO&DOGEN」VCU arts, QATAR